Welcome to JJJ. Travel and photography throughout Southeast Asia are two of my favorite hobbies. I consider myself most fortunate to be able to travel and spend time in some unique destinations that many are only able to see on TV travel programs. Missing in most of these areas is a good Jazz Club. Owning a real Jazz Club requires a bit more capital than I currently have available but my cartoon Jazz Club is within my means and the theme of this travel photos site. Hope you enjoy your stay here. - - Johnny

 18 Dec 2011  - Santa's Sexy Darts Helper - Miss Nit releases her official darts players "Naughty & Nice List" in her new photo gallery. And the classic 2008 darts match between Osmin the amazing darts throwing elephant and Paul "Dartoid" Seigel.

1) The Dazzling Miss Nit's Christmas Photo Gallery and information about where you can find her at Moonshine Pub on the journal entry page. (found on Darts link)

2) Elephant Darts - Omsin vs. Dartoid - photo gallery with all the action shots plus videos of the match & info on journal entry page (found on Darts link)

Happy Holidays!

A long over due project and should have had a well organized layout design for it - but I don't and will allow the "force" (now Leo Beer) accurately guide me in this task. I will hopefully better systematize the layout as I continue to add more content - but wouldn't even bet a half pint draught beer on that possibility.

In addition to photography I also enjoy cartooning and graphic artwork. Graphic art work is an easy one in this part of the world as Buddhist temples provide great stuff. All you need to do is get a good sharp photo image. Many of the graphic images on this site (image left) are cutouts of my photos from temples.

Of course a Jazz Club needs music. If you're not already listening to your favorite tunes - check out Smooth Jazz by clicking the button. That will take you to their main page - look for the "On Air" on the left and click on the "Listen Now" button. It's been decades since I've kept up with "newer" artists - can't say I enjoy all I hear on this station but sure is nice to be aware of a lot of the great "newer" talent out there now days.